Style Portfolio

Style is not about beauty, age, size, wealth or even fashion. Style is about knowing who you are and rediscovering what looks and feels fabulous on you.

Style is about confidence, knowing exactly what works for you and what styles you need to stay away from. With the right guidance and advice you can have a wardrobe of clothes that you will want to wear.

At Adonia Studio we believe you can have a fabulous wardrobe and look and feel fantastic. Your Personal Style Solutions Portfolio is your very own personal guide designed to help you select your best clothing styles, accessories, hair style and so much more. Shopping once again can become fun and successful. No more costly mistakes. Most women when asked about their bodies are so quick to point out the negatives. At Adonia we focus on the positives.

So much energy is placed in covering up and hiding what we consider to be flaws and faults. When embarking on a new look, capturing who you are, requires an understanding of your unique characteristics. Start with understanding your individual colouring and becoming aware of your body shape. Remember it’s not your size that matter it is all about your shape.

The Style Solutions Portfolio is designed for women of all age, weight, shape or size. Each Portfolio is custom made to deliver precise information and advice. With over 200 pictures of garments detailed you will be amazed at the option you will have. From necklines to hem lengths, jackets to dresses, eye wear to shoes to hairstyles every aspect of dressing and styling is covered from head to toe. The result is a wardrobe of clothes you will love and want to wear.

The result is a wardrobe of clothes you will love and want to wear.